Printing Once More: an End and a Beginning

Finally, after far too long an interval, I’m beginning a new project on my press. It’s been over two years since I’ve had time (or peace of mind!) to focus on printing — and it seems that now I have to re-learn everything. From the lay of the California job case to the finicky bits of type that want to leap from the composing stick. I’m beginning again — for the umpteenth time – and I swear (really, I swear a lot!) that everything old is new again.

Beginning the new project: a eulogy for my wonderful father-in-law
The new project: a eulogy for my wonderful father-in-law

But this is a special project. It’s not going to be the usual cranky rant, but an affectionate tribute to a beloved curmudgeon. My father-in-law died last summer – left us after 94 years – and we dearly feel his loss.  A funny, kind, energetic, cantankerous man who doted on his grand-children and drove us all to distraction at times, he was a mainstay in our family.   It’s taken me nearly a year to write a eulogy that feels right; one that captures a glimpse of the man who anchored his family through so many challenges.   Here he is, dapper in his uniform, newly recruited in 1941, I think – just before heading over to the UK, where he prepared for the Italian Campaign and “Operation Husky.”

Les, newly recruited. c1941
Les, newly recruited. c1941

And so, The Cranky Press will be cranking again soon.  A small edition this time — only 35 copies.  But a very special one.  Beginning once more, to commemorate an ending.  It will be a bittersweet exercise.


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