The Eloquence of Scrooge…Redux

Inspired by the precision and beauty of the work produced by the Ottawa Press Gang, I decided to make another attempt on my season’s greetings. This time, I’m relying on the grumpy eloquence of Ebeneezer Scrooge, whose word-perfect sentiments match my own when it comes to decrying the mindless, noisy and greed-driven behaviour of most people at this time of year.

Sentiments by Scrooge

The challenge in printing this piece is the precise registration required for the two-colour print of the poinsetta sorts. Given that my trusty, cranky Reprex is missing its micrometer paper guides, the make-ready for the second impression is finicky indeed.

Tricky two-colour registration

The red ink impression is slightly off – noticeable mainly on the poinsettas – but the text is aligned reasonably well, and the holly borders add a certain seasonal touch to the message. Generally, I’m quite pleased with the results. Now, I must sit down in my chilly den and address my sentiments purposefully to a few well-deserving recipients. Humbug!

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