Cranking up again

After an unplanned hiatus that lasted nearly two years, I am glad to be working on my press once more. I’m starting with a small project intended to reacquaint me with the press and process. This time, a set of bookmarks (in time for Christmas?!) featuring the wit and wisdom of Wilde, Eagan, and Marx (um, Groucho, that is).

Bookmarks on the press

In the long absence from my press room I realise how much I had missed the tranquility and solitude of the work.  Yes, the Devil is in the details – and I continue to wrestle with him – but also present is the comforting ka-chunk of the carriage rolling back into position, the subtle scent of ink when you first open the tin, and the heady feeling you get when your first print rolls off the press.

Photo of bookmark on the press

This little project will serve to calibrate the rollers again – and to teach me about two-colour registration (one of those devils, I mentioned), in preparation for a signature I’m planning for the next Wayzgoose anthology for Grimsby…unless, of course, procrastination kicks in again.


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